The Silver Serpent

D&D 5.0

This campaign officially welcomes and encourages brand new players to join. Do not be discouraged if you have no experience, the GM is willing to help you learn!

Welcome to Agartha! Fifty years ago, the Sun God Pelor was driven mad by Mak Thuum Ngatha, Lord of Madness. Before being forced into a prison by the other gods, he cursed the sun to destroy all life in the material plane, which is known by humans, elves, dwarfs, and the other humanoid races as “the world” or, more simply, as “home.”

The gods rushed to save their worshippers from the sun’s deadly rays. Dwarves already lived underground, and, with the help of the gods, were able to form the great web of tunnels and cities known as Agartha. They invited their allies, the chief among them being elves, humans, halflings, gnomes, and the dragonborn. Other races retreated into the Underdark, the caverns already inhabited by races like the drow and the illithids.

There are many threats in this new world. There is the ever present struggle to have light enough to grow crops, as well as attempts by the races of the Underdark to tunnel into Agartha. Then there is the fact that many new races of monsters were created by Pelor’s mad struggles, and that, every year, as the tunnels are dug further into the earth, old, unknown races of horrors are awakened. This world needs heroes. Heroes like you.

One of the cities, Renagen, is fast running out of magic to power its lights, and the other cities have no magic to spare. King Melion, ruler of the city, has summoned all willing heroes to go on a quest to retrieve an item known as the Silver Serpent that he believes will be able to power the city’s lights for three hundred years or more.

Maybe you came because you wanted to help. Maybe you want to be famous, or perhaps you just want the reward. Whatever the reason, you agreed to start this quest for the Serpent. What will happen during your journey? Will you encounter monsters, or traps? Will you be forced to brave the deadly surface?

And what will happen once you succeed?

This campaign is sponsored by the Tabletop Gaming Club at the University of Texas at Dallas. Membership is restricted to members of the club and students at the campus.

The Silver Serpent